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A ‘managed’ solution (expert help on hand in Aus where you need it)
+ Best Practice online payroll process (integrates with Xero, MYOB)
+ Advanced technology (designed in Australia for Australia)
+ Data secured in Australia (your data never leaves the country)
+ Over 20 years in payroll ($500mil in payrolls processed each year)
= A system you need to look into (toll free 1800 242 565)
PaysOnline puts you in full control with total command of payroll at your finger tips. And that control is yours 24/7. But you’re never on your own.

Unlike software as a service, PaysOnline is a ‘best practice’, ‘managed’ solution. That means behind the advanced, super accurate technology are actual payroll experts here in Australia when you need them.

No one keeps an eye on your payroll like our experts so you can stay focused on your business. That’s our business.
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Why use all different softwares and services when we have wrapped everything in one place for you?

Online Time and attendace | Online Soft Clock Rosterlink | Online Rostering Online Human Resources service

Online SoftClock

Allows your staff to clock-in and out via our online time & attendance system.

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Rosterlink - Online Rostering by PaysOnline

Rosterlink is designed to automate the labour intensive task of producing and validating rosters.

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Human Resources

Our human resources (HR) feature provides centralised employee database for easy access and management.

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Money Back Guarantee

Risk nothing by knowing that we back our service with our unique 3 month money back guarantee on our setup fees. If you are not happy with our service we will refund your investment, no questions asked.
Look who has been talking to us!


See how we helped Autobarn franchisees.

“PaysOnline have been superb, their online system is so user friendly, it’s made payroll a breeze. Their team are quick to respond and go above and beyond to help.”

Stuart Allen – Autobarn Airport West

“Switching to PaysOnline has turned our previous payroll nightmare into a fast, efficient payroll system. The way it should be! Not only do we save time each week on processing and paying staff, we are also saving as the cost is less than our previous provider! Thank You PaysOnline.”

Rob Hook – Autobarn Browns Plains

"We changed to PaysOnline in January this year, which they made easy and at the same time identified some areas that needed attention to meet regulation. The PaysOnline system is user friendly for us and our staff. They respond quickly to any queries raised. We are very happy we made the move!"

Angela Bennet – Autobarn Wagga Wagga

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“I was a little hesitant to hand over to payroll processing to PaysOnline, however the convenience of being able to process my clients payroll online, at such a reasonable cost, from any location has aided both my clients and my productivity immensely. I did not even have to be onsite to be in total control the whole payroll process.”

Sarah Harrison – Contract Bookkeeper - 11/5/2012

“After taking up part of the day every fortnight with the payroll process, I now have a tool that allows sub-ordinate staff to actually process 95% of the companies payroll. With my only involvement being the “sign off” and setting of confidential wage rates for the employees. A quick review of the payroll reports enables me to retain control without actually doing everything. I can now concentrate on more essential parts of the business administration such as cash flow and budgeting”

Jeremy Mack - Financial Controller - 13/11/2011

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Why should I consider a Payroll Outsource Service?

With ever-changing regulations and legislation, more and more companies in Australia now recognise the significant advantages of outsourcing their payroll... Read more.

Why should we outsource to PaysOnline when we already have someone processing our pays?

Specialist focus means our business is payroll, our passion is payroll and we are by nature of our work exposed to every...Read more.

I have only one employee. Is this too small to outsource?

Definitely not! At PaysOnline we cater for every business regardless of the size of the company and we will offer you a tailored Managed Payroll solution to suit your business needs... Read more.

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